I'm glad you completed the first step: becoming aware of where you're at. Read on, and you'll know what to do next.

You should have received an email just now with your scores. Let's see what they mean.

But first, let us understand a few basic laws of this universe:

  1. Your life is a reflection of your self worth. In other words, your external is a reflection of your internal.
  2. Life works on merit.  In other words you have exactly what you merit.
You may not like those laws, but it doesn't make them any less law. Law is law.

If you want your life to change, you need to grow your worth first. Pass life exams. Then enjoy rewards.

Your relationship with your significant other is a prime example of how those laws play out. The quality of your relationship is directly proportional to your worth as a relationship partner.

If you want your relationship to improve, you need to grow your relationship worth.

Let that sink in. And once it does, let's take a look at your results and what we can do about them.

Your worth as a partner

This score describes how desirable of a partner you are. Your worth as a partner will lead your relationships quality, with a time delay. If your worth rises over time, your relationships quality will as well. And if your worth drops, well... you get the idea, right?

Current relationships quality

This score assesses the quality of your relationships. It is simply a reflection of your worth as a partner, as per universal laws described above. It will lag your worth as a partner, both on the upside and on the downside. So if your worth has deteriorated, it will take some time for your relationships to follow suit. And when your worth has been rising, it will also take time for your relationship to follow.


0-20 Barely Surviving

You are barely surviving as is. Being with a partner adds to your problems, rather than to solutions. You are destroying whatever safety there is left in the relationship. If you aren't divorced, it's probably in the works.


20-40 Struggling

It probably feels like you're in a hole and can't get out. You are struggling and the situation is deteriorating. Maybe you are trying to grow, but chances are you don't have the right tools, methods, attitude and standards to make it happen. Your relationship is very shaky!


36-50 Trying Frustrated

You're probably at your early steps on the self growth journey. You believe that you're trying hard, but your growth bike has a square wheel. Frustration is your frequent state. You might be jumping from one method to the next, one great idea to next, without consistency and assiduity. Your desire is very volatile. Your relationship is in danger, but there is also hope that you'll find your ground in your self work and make it happen.


51-65 Inconsistent Stability

You've been applying efforts and growing. You had good stretches, then quick downturns. When you stabilize some aspects, others give in. You can't seem to be putting it all together. Your relationship may have fragile hope. She wants to trust, but the danger of downturns is still very real to fully give in.


66-80 Successful

You've achieved stability in your growth and you know you will reach thriving state if you keep going this way. Attention to details, consistency and methodology improvements are key to reach the next level. Your relationships are deepening, trust sets in and you're having fun.


80 - 100: Thriving

You're firmly at the helm of your life. You've established your growth methods and improve them with mastery. You're powerful in all aspects of your life and you're helping others get there. Your relationships are deeper and more fulfilling than ever. You're proud of yourself. And rightfully so. You are POWER, man!

If you're not happy about your results, or would like to improve them, I have good news for you: You can do it! It's very simple. 

Not easy, but simple.

What you need to do is improve the 5 crucial factors to raise your relationship self worth.

Confidence and self-assurance: If you haven't developed self-assurance and confidence, you'll be needy and co-dependent, undecisive and prone to inertia. You'll resist, control and please. And it will inevitably lead to more conflict and guess where that'll go with low confidence and no self-assurance?

Emotional and mental stability: If you're emotionally and mentally unstable or disconnected, you won't provide a safe space for your partner. Furthermore, you won't stand a chance in a difficult conversation. Without those, how can you expect your relationship to evolve? When a relationship doesn't evolve, it dissolves.

Communication skills: If you can't hear and deeply understand the subtle messages behind what is being communicated, and can't express yourself with clarity, benevolence and humility, can you really expect to solve conflicts and ace difficult conversations? Guess where it goes from there?

Organized, regular self growth work, aka Learning:  If you don't know what you need to work on, how to work on it and when it will be done, how could you expect to grow into a man you must become to get the results that you need and desire?

Leaderships skills: The leader you are today led you to where you're today. If you can't lead yourself into massive self growth, can you truly and honestly envision a bright future in your relationships?

Working on one aspect, will affect all aspects, since they're interlinked.

Because the whole is only as strong as the weakest link, you may want to start with whatever you scored lowest on.

When you're successful at ALL those factors, life tastes like honey. If you don't get there.... well, you know how that tastes...

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