0-20 Barely Surviving

You are barely surviving as is. Being with a partner adds to your problems, rather than to solutions. You are destroying whatever safety there is left in the relationship. If you aren't divorced, it's probably in the works.


20-40 Struggling

It probably feels like you're in a hole and can't get out. You are struggling and the situation is deteriorating. Maybe you are trying to grow, but chances are you don't have the right tools, methods, attitude and standards to make it happen. Your relationship is very shaky!


36-50 Trying Frustrated

You're probably at your early steps on the self growth journey. You believe that you're trying hard, but your growth bike has a square wheel. Frustration is your frequent state. You might be jumping from one method to the next, one great idea to next, without consistency and assiduity. Your desire is very volatile. Your relationship is in danger, but there is also hope that you'll find your ground in your self work and make it happen.


51-65 Inconsistent Stability

You've been applying efforts and growing. You had good stretches, then quick downturns. When you stabilize some aspects, others give in. You can't seem to be putting it all together. Your relationship may have fragile hope. She wants to trust, but the danger of downturns is still very real to fully give in.


66-80 Successful

You've achieved stability in your growth and you know you will reach thriving state if you keep going this way. Attention to details, consistency and methodology improvements are key to reach the next level. Your relationships are deepening, trust sets in and you're having fun.


80 - 100: Thriving

You're firmly at the helm of your life. You've established your growth methods and improve them with mastery. You're powerful in all aspects of your life and you're helping others get there. Your relationships are deeper and more fulfilling than ever. You're proud of yourself. And rightfully so. You are POWER, man!